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Zigong Cultural Investment Shengshi Silk Road Convention & Exhibition Co.,Ltd. is a solely-funded company and a platform of investment, construction and operation affiliated to Zigong Cultural Tourism and Investment Co., Ltd. Aiming at forging the first-class cultural tourism company in China, we have acquired Level Three Qualification of Urban and Road Lighting Engineering, and are now in joint-venture projects with Fantawild Holdings Inc. to create Fanta Zigong Dinosaur Kingdom and Zigong International Motion Picture Center. We have successfully held hundreds of lantern exhibitions at home and abroad, with more than 100 million visitors in total.

Chinese lanterns, famous for ancient and modern
  • The "Tree of Life" of the Zigong Cultural Tourism Light Group has become an Internet celebrity check-in place
  • [Zigong Cultural Tourism Stunning Britain] Europe’s Largest Lantern Festival, Light Up Manchester's Night Sky
  • 2020 Beijing Expo
  • 2020 Financial Street
  • The beautiful night scene refreshes the city's "appearance", creating a lighting project outside the Lantern Fair
  • 2020 World Park
  • The 26th Zigong Overseas Chinese Town Dinosaur International Lantern Festival
  • Tonight, let the world focus on cultural tourism in Zigong-Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival 2019 The second OCT·Zigong International Dinosaur Light Festival grandly opened
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