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2019 Spring Lantern Festival in Beijing World Park

Time:   Visit:31

2019 Spring Lantern Festival in Beijing World Park was featured with attractive lanterns and flowers. Taking up an area of 5,000 square meters, more than 35,000 tulips and roses together with lanterns formed a spectacular world of lights. With the theme of OROB, more than 20 intricately-designed lantern sets were on display, which cleverly combined shape, color, light, sound and motion in one and had been applauded by viewers.

    Colorful cultural events also made Beijing people’s spring festival even more brightened. The World Park lantern show provided five themed events like “Silk Road Lantern Show”, “Float Parade Carnival”, “The Incredible Intangible Heritage: Iron Flower”, “The Thai Elephants” and “Food and Cuisines in Happy Hours”. The lanterns demonstrated the most advanced techniques in lantern-making, designing, coloring and brought brand-new experience to local residents and viewers.

In such a wonderful atmosphere, visitors also had a chance to enjoy the performance of intangible heritage: Iron Flower, in which the cold metal was melted under high temperature, and changed into thousands of iron flower. The scene was almost magical like a spectacle in a fairyland.

The magical world, stunning lights and wonderful experience immersed viewers in a joyful spring festival and an auspicious new year.