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2019 The 35th Dushanzi Lantern Festival in Xinjiang

Time:   Visit:23

The 35th Dushanzi Lantern Festival was welcomed by local residents.

With loud drumming, adorable big-headed dolls, land boating dance, dragon lanterns, fan dancing and long-sleeve dancing, this lantern festival has impressed local viewers.

The colorful lanterns dotted the local square attracted viewers to take photos, selfies and family pictures. On one side of the square, viewers took off their heavy overcoats and were dancing. A short while later, people were sweating with joyful dances.

At 10:30 PM, the square was still crowded with viewers, many of who decided to walk home after the entertainment. Mr. Wang and his wife walked to the square to enjoy lanterns. For a man who doesn’t have much interest in exercising, according to Mr. Wang, tonight’s walk didn’t feel like long anymore.