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Tonight, let the world focus on cultural tourism in Zigong-Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival 2019 The second OCT·Zigong International Dinosaur Light Festival grandly opened

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On the evening of September 10th, the sound and light outside the gymnasium in Xinjieli, Fuxihe Cultural and Creative Park, Zigong City, the 2019 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival with the theme of "Splendid Tianfu·Longteng Zigong" grandly opened, the second OCT ·Zigong International Dinosaur Light Festival was also held simultaneously. Yang Xingping, deputy governor of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, attended and announced the opening. Li Gang, secretary of the Zigong Municipal Party Committee, delivered a welcome speech. He said that in today's world, global tourism and national tourism have become a lifestyle and cultural phenomenon. Grasping this historical change, Zigong must deeply explore the characteristic culture of "salt dragon and lantern food", and insist on using culture to invigorate tourism, culture, and culture. At the opening ceremony, a series of cultural performances with unique Sichuan characteristics and Zigong charm were prepared, such as scene dance "Hello Panda", women's group dance "Koi", dance and acrobatics "Salt Field Picture Scroll", pipa playing "Shu Embroidered Girl", singing and dancing "I "With My Motherland" brought an audio-visual feast of "Prosperous China, Great Sichuan, and Millennium Salt Capital" to the audience. "The fire tree and the silver flower never sleep, all night without falling asleep." In addition to the splendid cultural performances, there were more brilliant fireworks displays at the opening ceremony to light up the night sky of Zigong. The colorful feast of lights and the reflection on the Fuxi river complemented each other, making people intoxicated, and the audience was amazed, "It's really shocking!" "What a beautiful firework show, enjoyable!" In addition to the dreamy firework show, the "Night Tour to Fuxi" boutique tour line launched by Zigong Cultural Tourism also officially "set sail" at the opening ceremony. The "Night Tour of Fuxi" is a boutique tour with "Fengshui treasures, outstanding people" as the open line, and "Fuxi at night, fortune and prosperity" as the hidden line, making full use of the natural posture of the Fuxi River and introducing high-end light and shadow landscape technology , To create "one river, three bends and four sections of twenty-four sceneries", with multiple nodes such as Qunlongshanxiao, Longxiang Fudi, Hundred Years Shuguang, Thousand Years Salt City, Returning My Rivers and Mountains, Wangye Zhenjiang, etc. The historical allusions, cultural customs, and scenic spots of the city are connected into a delicate legacy of the blending of history and modernity, depicting a beautiful picture of the salt capital from the past to the future. The boat travels in Fuxi, with beautiful lights and shadows on both sides. Visitors sit in the painting boat, watch lanterns and shadows, appreciate the lights, listen to Zigong stories, and taste Zigong snacks. Each exquisite node not only respects history but also shows the fashion of the times. With the help of modern technology, in the form of three-dimensional and multi-dimensional, or editing or special effects, the static history is brought to life, giving visitors a new visual enjoyment. For tourists, the "Night Tour of Puxi" is not only a journey of light and shadow, but also a journey of history. This feast for the people of Zigong is far more than tonight. As the main venue of the Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival, this event is supported by four tourist business cards unique to Zigong, "Dinosaurs" and "Colorful Lanterns." As an element of the event, the Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival and the Zigong International Dinosaur Light Festival will be "combined". The event will last until October 7.