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The 26th Zigong Overseas Chinese Town Dinosaur International Lantern Festival

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Recently, the 26th Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival in Zigong Overseas Chinese Town, China, was opened in Zigong China Lantern Festival. The "New Lantern Festival", which "moved to a new home" for the first time in 55 years, brought a refreshing look to tourists from all directions. Audiovisual experience! The dazzling colorful lights, start the Chinese New Year celebration of the prosperous China! The "Time and Space Dragon Knight" light group is composed of the four themed light groups of the Jurassic World, the dragon knight fighting for justice, the dragon knight ready to go, the future city where people and dragons live together, and many interactive light groups distributed among them. It shows the characters and environment in the animation of "Time and Space Dragon Knight". On the way to the Great World of Chinese Lanterns, there is also a welcome light set made with the elements of "Time and Space Dragon Knight", welcoming tourists from all directions with the attitude of Zigong spokesperson.