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The beautiful night scene refreshes the city's "appearance", creating a lighting project outside the Lantern Fair

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Overseas Chinese Town·The 26th Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival will be held at the new location. Da'an District, as the main battlefield for the external lighting of the Lantern Fair, fully promotes the external lighting project of the Lantern Fair. Along the road outside the park, you can see that some trees wear different coats. The trunks are decorated with dense small lights. Small lanterns fall gently along the trees. In the green belt, flowers, butterflies, small dinosaurs and other different groups of lights are set along the road. , Some have different shapes, and some are naive. Since this lantern fair was held at the new location, the lighting task has increased several times compared with previous years, and the Da'an District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau took the lead in the implementation of the outside lighting work in Da'an District.