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2020 Beijing Expo

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On the evening of December 31, 2019, under the witness of thousands of tourists and many news media, Zigong Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor Yang Zhiyan, Executive Deputy Director of Beijing World Horticultural Bureau Zhou Jianping, and Secretary of Yanqing District Party Committee Mu Peng, Song Qingshan, chairman of Zigong Cultural Tourism, and others jointly launched this cultural event in front of the "Mengshu Yingchun" light group, lighting up the World Garden and lighting up 2020. Both the 2019 Beijing China World Horticultural Exposition and the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Yanqing. The Zigong Lantern Festival, known as the “No. 1 Light in the World,” has taken up the task of connecting these two top international events and welcoming the New Year. The Lantern Festival has also become one of the top ten temple fairs in Beijing for the 2020 Spring Festival. Zigong Cultural Tourism helps Zigong culture go out As a leader in the cultural tourism industry in our city, Zigong Cultural Tourism has been focusing on global vision since its establishment, and has made every effort to promote the prosperity and development of Zigong’s culture. It has taken the national “Belt and Road” express train to go out with “lights”. Exhibitions are held in major cities at home and abroad. This Lantern Festival is Zigong Cultural Tourism following the Winnipeg Lantern Festival in Canada, the Washington Lantern Festival in the United States, and the Lightopia Fantasy Lantern Festival in the United Kingdom. It uses the form of special exhibitions to tell the story of Zigong, enhance the image of Zigong culture, and use international methods to promote Zigong culture. Another active practice of "going out".