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[Zigong Cultural Tourism Stunning Britain] Europe’s Largest Lantern Festival, Light Up Manchester's Night Sky

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On the evening of November 20th, UK time, and early morning of the 21st, Beijing time, the British Lightopia International Lantern Festival was grandly opened in Heaton Park, Manchester, UK. Chinese traditional craftsmanship, British aesthetic concept, interactive and immersive innovative design make Manchester City’s night space enchanting and charming. More than 300 dignitaries, celebrities and Chinese representatives from Manchester attended the official lighting ceremony and VIP opening party. It is reported that the Lantern Festival will be open to the public on November 21, local time. At the lighting ceremony, the Mayor of Manchester Representative Naeem Hassan, Fiona Volo, Director of Investment and Development Strategy of Manchester City, Mike Peller, Director of Manchester City Government Activities Department, and Fan Yingjie, Deputy Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Manchester, Zigong Urban Investment Group Chairman Zeng Rong, Zigong Urban Investment Group Director, Zigong Cultural Tourism Investment Chairman Song Qingshan, Lightopia International Lantern Festival co-founder Xiang Yan and other guests witnessed the moment when this year’s largest European event was launched. . The acrobatics and gourmet music with Chinese characteristics at the VIP opening party left a deep impression on the guests. As the host of this Lantern Festival, former Mayor Naim Hassan made a speech at the lighting ceremony and extended a sincere welcome to all guests present. He highly praised the hard work of the Lightopia team in bringing significant investment to the city, and looked forward to more long-term cooperation with China's creative industries. Song Qingshan, director of Zigong Urban Investment Group and chairman of Zigong Cultural Tourism Investment, delivered a speech as a Chinese representative. He introduced Zigong’s long history and global lantern culture and the design concept of this Lightopia Lantern Festival to the guests present. , The people of Manchester City expressed their gratitude for their strong support and promotion of this Lantern Festival. Song Qingshan said: "Over the years, we have made many friends in countries around the world through holding lantern festivals, so that people from all countries can understand Chinese culture. We are willing to use lanterns as the medium and be the messengers of culture and friendship. We hope to use this lantern festival. The complete success of Manchester is the icing on the cake for this beautiful city."