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About us
About us

Zigong Cultural Investment Shengshi Silk Road Convention & Exhibition Co.,Ltd. is a solely-funded company and a platform of investment, construction and operation, affiliated to Zigong Cultural Tourism and Investment Co., Ltd. Established in June 2017, we are a state-owned and solely-funded company with a registered capital of 500 million yuan, and are invested by the government with 13 billion yuan. Aiming at forging the first-class cultural tourism company in China, we have acquired Level Three Qualification of Urban and Road Lighting Engineering, and are now in joint-venture projects with Fantawild Holdings Inc. to create Fanta Zigong Dinosaur Kingdom and Zigong International Motion Picture Center. We have successfully held hundreds of lantern exhibitions at home and abroad, with more than 100 million visitors in total. We see lantern exhibition as a major window to showcase and a platform to trade. With the help of lantern exhibitions, domestic cultural products are exported to foreign countries and now we are witnessing a “lantern +” effect, with which the small-scale business of lantern shows is transforming to large-scale trade of expos. We are also offering operas, dramas, stage plays, children’s plays and one of our most popular shows is God of Salt.

At present, the company has participated in the production of the 25th, 26th and 27th Zigong Lantern Festival, and won the title of excellent production unit for three times. In the 27th Lantern Festival, the company produced "Fantasy Jurassic" The node light group "Tree of Life" in the light group has become an online celebrity check-in place, and has gained a high degree of attention and click-through rate on platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou; and has cooperated with various lantern companies to successfully hold the "2019" Winter Olympics blooming-Brilliant World Garden "The first Chinese New Year-Visiting the World Garden Large Lantern Festival", and "2020 Wuliangye 24th 1218 Discussing, Building and Sharing Conference Project" and other influential lantern festival projects, showing Zigong Cultural tourism shows its strong comprehensive strength.