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The charm of the "Internet celebrity" light group is not reduced

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"Look, that's the tree of life!" On December 11, Ms. Li took her children on board the "Night Tour of Fuxi" cruise ship, and saw the unique charm of the "Internet celebrity" light group up close. Against the background of the lights, the "tree god"'s eyebrows are stretched and lifelike. As the first group of tourists to check in "The Tree of Life" in the night tour of Buxi, Ms. Li was very excited: "I missed the lantern show because of my busy work, and now I finally have the opportunity to witness the "Internet celebrity" lantern group. La."


It is reported that the re-covered "Tree of Life" attracted many tourists to check in once it was unveiled, and once again blasted major short video platforms. Due to the changes in the lighting group site and surrounding environment, the original design and production team of "The Tree of Life" - Shengshi Silk Road Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zigong Cultural Tourism Investment, has re-arranged and improved the lighting group. While retaining the main design idea of "The Tree of Life", elements such as banyan trees, butterflies, and flying birds have been added, so that the "Tree of Life" will take root on the banks of the Puxi River and integrate into the green waters and green mountains. In order to facilitate tourists to watch the "Tree of Life" at a close distance, the project team of "Night Cruise to Buxi" has also adjusted the cruise route.

Under the blessing of the Internet celebrity light group, "Night Tour of Fuxi" has also ushered in an upgrade again. Not only has the light group along the river been re-repaired and improved, but also "Impression of Fuxi" has been added to the location of Jiefang Bridge. and other large lanterns. On December 13, "Night Tour of Fuxi" was included in the list of typical cases of new projects, new scenarios and new models in the cultural tourism industry by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, becoming a model for cultural tourism projects in various places to learn from.

In the past year, "The Tree of Life" as the representative work of the 27th International Dinosaur Lantern Festival has attracted the attention of tourists from all over the country. Now that the 28th International Dinosaur Lantern Festival is about to open, who will replace "Tree of Life" as the next "Internet celebrity lantern group"? Shengshi Silk Road Company gave the answer - a group of large-scale lanterns based on the classic ancient book "Shan Hai Jing" are under intense production.

Among them, the main light group is called "Goddess of Jingwei". The light group combines the latest portrait collection technology to present the captured live pictures to the live broadcast of the lantern festival through the eyes of the "goddess" synchronously, bringing "colorful lights" to tourists. +Culture+Technology" new experience.