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Join hands with OCT to create a lantern feast丨China Lantern World will open on December 31st

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The lamp tree shines with thousands of lights, and the flowers and flames bloom with seven branches

In the long history of Zigong lanterns

There are many candlelights and shadows that shine like stars

Today, they stand in the world of Chinese lanterns

It will bring us a visual feast

Follow me below

Feel the charm of the 28th Dinosaur Lantern Festival in advance


On December 27, the new opening press conference of Zigong Chinese Lantern World was held in Chengdu. Chen Yangjie, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of the Zigong Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone, and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Wang Lei, member of the Standing Committee of the Zigong Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government, Chen Jiesheng, Deputy General Manager of OCT Western Investment Co., Ltd., Chairman of Zigong Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. Song Qingshan and other relevant leaders attended the press conference.

At the meeting, Song Qingshan, chairman of Zigong Cultural Tourism Investment, general manager of Zigong Cultural Tourism Investment, and Zeng Jie, director of Zigong OCT Lantern Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. signed contracts with relevant units respectively.

It is reported that in accordance with the requirements of the municipal party committee and the municipal government for the operators of the 28th Lantern Festival, Zigong Cultural Tourism Investment and OCT (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. jointly established Zigong Overseas Chinese Town Lantern Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. to jointly operate the Zigong Lantern Festival and Lantern Output. The 28th The Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival is the first "answer sheet" handed over by the newly established company.

As an immersive interactive digital scenic spot that integrates traditional Chinese culture, this year, the park has newly created five sub-divisions: Guotai Min’an, Hometown Nostalgia, Together to the Future, Shangyuan Fantasy and Dream Time. The immersive scene is innovatively constructed and will lead tourists to experience a “Five Sacred Mountains”. Returning without looking at the mountains, returning from Zigong without looking at the lights” is the ultimate lantern night tour feast.

This year's lantern festival focuses on creating 14 distinctive themed sections: the "Yan Qianqiu" section with local characteristics that grew out of Zigong's profound salt industry history and culture, and the "Salt Cooking" section with an all-round immersive experience of "color, fragrance and touch". "The City"; "Happy Zodiac", which unlocks a new perspective of live broadcast, and collides with traditional atmosphere and fashion;

"Shan Hai Yi Zhi" is based on the beautiful imagination of the ancient people, allowing the ancient beasts to "walk into reality"; "Towards the Future" together to compose a new chapter of socialist modernization and power; ” creates a dreamy scene hanging in the air, with the blessing of popular games and film and television IPs, and come to the Kingdom of Night Tour to encounter a immersive fantasy travel drama.

Among them, the large-scale lamp group "Shan Hai Yi Zhi" designed and produced by Shengshi Silk Road Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zigong Cultural Tourism Investment, as the "successor" of "The Tree of Life" is particularly eye-catching. The idea of the lamp group of "Special Stories of Mountains and Seas" comes from "Overseas Classics" and "Hai Nei Jing" in "Shan Hai Jing". The light group is divided into 5 areas, and the theme light group is named "Goddess of Jingwei". Combined with the latest portrait collection technology, the lantern group simultaneously presents the captured live pictures to the live broadcast of the lantern festival through the eyes of the "goddess", bringing tourists a new experience of "colored lanterns + culture + technology".

It is reported that Zigong Chinese Lantern World will be newly opened on December 31, 2021. The opening time of the park will be 17:00-22:30 every day, and it will be extended to 16:30-23:00 on holidays; the lights will be on at 18:30 every night. The reason why Zigong lanterns keep thousands of tourists watching and visiting often comes from its continuous exploration between the world of light and shadow. With its unique lantern culture, exquisite lantern craftsmanship, and innovative and diverse interactive experiences, Fully interpret the charm of Zigong Night Tour Kingdom.