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Chinese New Year's Lights 丨 "Cultural and Tourism" lanterns light up the Rongcheng community

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In order to actively respond to the "Decision" of the 10th Plenary Session of the 12th Municipal Party Committee, help the cross-border integration of "colored lanterns +" and "+colored lanterns", and promote colored lanterns into homes, shops, and communities. Recently, Shengshi Silk Road Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zigong Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd., cooperated with a number of companies under Sunac Service Group to light up Chengdu Global Center and Chengdu Sunac·Jiutang House, Global Sunac· Water County Future City and many other communities.


As night fell, the Year of the Tiger lantern, which incorporated traditional elements of lion awakening, was unveiled at Chengdu Global Center, bringing a strong "New Year flavor" to this world-class commercial building. In Sunac·Jiutang Mansion, the modern geometric elk lanterns made the community residents feel the joyful festive atmosphere. In Global Sunac·Shuijun Future City, the gorgeous peony lanterns sent the most sincere New Year wishes to the residents...

For a long time, "let Zigong lanterns go out" is the development direction that Shengshi Silk Road Company adheres to. The cooperation with Sunac Property Company has not only allowed the exquisite lanterns to enter the community and commercial center of Chengdu, but also opened up a new path for the cross-border integration and development of lanterns and the service industry.

Everything can be turned into a lamp. In recent years, Shengshi Silk Road Company has been continuously innovating and creating new lamp groups such as "The Tree of Life" and "The Goddess of Jingwei". In the next step, Shengshi Silk Road Company will give full play to its advantages in the lantern sector, innovate the "color lantern +" development model, and focus on creating a series of lantern cultural and creative products, so that Zigong lanterns will enter thousands of households and illuminate people's lives. .