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Zigong National Cultural Export Base Boutique Lantern Exhibition Landed at Zigong Jinjiang Sandalwood Hotel

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"Auspicious Lanterns" Light Set


In order to increase the brand promotion of Zigong lantern culture, expand the market, and enhance the influence and reputation of the national cultural export base, the Zigong Municipal Bureau of Commerce held a high-quality lantern exhibition of Zigong National Cultural Export Base at the Jinjiang Tanmulin Hotel in Zigong. Shengshi Silk Road Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zigong Cultural Tourism Investment, actively responded to the government's call. From design to production, it successfully completed the task and lit up the Jinjiang Tanmulin Hotel in Zigong with colorful lights, giving the Zigong Jinjiang Sandalwood Forest Hotel a bright light. Representative buildings add a strong New Year flavor.


"Blossoms of Fortune" Light Set

   On January 21, 2022, the 6 lamp groups of the Zigong National Cultural Base Boutique Lantern Exhibition Project were successfully installed and delivered. "Auspicious Lanterns"; "Congratulations to the New Year" with a bright atmosphere; "Rich and noble flowers blooming" with two tigers holding blessing characters and lanterns respectively, meaning the two tigers welcome the tiger and tigers with power; two "Red Flowers" fluttering on the water like carp leaping over the dragon gate "Booming Fire"; 4 sets of palace lanterns "Fu Lu Ankang" reflecting Zigong's ultra-high handcrafted craftsmanship and mural-style lanterns with the theme of four Zigong business cards standing on the outer wall of the Sandalwood Hotel with a length of 4 meters and a height of 20 meters.